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Lake Michigan belongs to all of us

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In regards to British Petroleum increasing pollution discharges into Lake Michigan, I would like to remind everyone that it is our lake. It belongs to the people of the United States. It most particularly belongs to the people of Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and Michigan.

IT DOES NOT belong to a foreign oil company, nor to narrow-minded state and federal bureaucrats, who have sold out to industry money and influence.

The 30 million people who depend upon this unique and fragile resource need to take back control of what is rightfully ours. If we lose the lake it will be gone forever!

BP is expanding its Whiting plant to process Canadian shale crude oil. These reserves are potentially as large as those of the Middle East.

BP will reap billions and billions of dollars of profit from these operations. They have been making obscene profits from us for years. They can well afford to put more money into creating ways to pollute less. Let them live up to their “Green Commercials”.

BP will not listen to the reasonable pleas of responsible people. They will listen when those reasonable people start hurting their profits.

1. Residents of Indiana, Illinois and Wisconsin, Michigan must stop buying BP products.

We have many, many choices that it will not create a hardship on us. Besides BP is one of the more expensive brands anyway. Have they given us any breaks at the pump lately? Oh, you will hear the wales and cries of job losses from industry spokesmen and politicians, you know it’s all so much B.S.!

2. Residents of Indiana: We must cast out the current administration of Mitch Daniels and his industry-favoring bureaucrats. They have sold out the people of this state in scheme after scheme. (I am sorry to say I voted for him.)

3. We must serve warning to others who want to pollute our lake in the future.

The Great Lakes are too valuable of a resource to lose to Greed and Profit.

Jeff Bailey



Posted 8/10/2007