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MTV show that came to CHS boosts teens' self esteem

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Voice of the People

I am a CHS Graduate and have grown up in the MTV era. I also know principle Goetz and I know that he would NOT agree to anything that would hurt students.

To the parent(s) that are upset about this - have you seen the show “Made”?

This show is about making someone better and helping their self esteem, it is not a reality TV show that pits people against one another in a competition, it is the opposite. If you don’t agree with this show, then don’t sign the waiver and have your teen miss and have them miss a great opportunity.

I like CHS and love and miss Chesterton, but if you are not in the “in crowd” you are an outcast, this show can potentially mend some of those lines and make life happy for some teens. Think of how good those teens will feel if they were part of something their age group watches!

So, in closing, if you think this show is about negative activities you are wrong, it is simply a self esteem booster and good old fashion fun for those involved.

John Runions,

CHS Class of 2000


Posted 7/23/2008