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MTV show has a positive focus

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Voice of the People

Stereotypes Aren't Always a Reality:

After reading Tuesday’s online letter to the voice of the people, I couldn’t help but respond. While there are many things in Natalie Halpin’s letter that I agree with, I think she may have made an uninformed stereotypical judgment and poor call in her attack of Principal Goetz.

There are real concerns out in the world today that many families are overlooking and missing. The negative sides of Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll are three things we all try to keep our children away from through proper guidance, leadership, appropriate activities and positive role models. None of us are perfect…none of us are expected to be.

While I would agree that MTV does not have a positive image in many parents’ minds, it isn’t completely negative. We can stereotype everything in this world. We can stereotype race, gender, religion, or even every show on MTV into the same category.…but that wouldn’t be very “perfect” of us now would it?

MTV’s “Made” has a truly positive focus. The focus is actually simple and something I think most, if not all, parents tell their children continuously while growing up… “You can be whatever you want to be”. MTV’s “Made” takes your average every day child and guides him or her with tools, training, leadership and motivation to become something they currently are not and dream to be. The show allows them to “live their dream” and “dream big”. The show helps our youth improve their self image, become better individuals and always gives an opportunity to become a more well rounded person and experience something new and positive.

I’m not a fan of MTV and I’m certainly not telling parents they should allow their children to watch this channel. I wouldn’t allow the two children in my life to associate with this network because of its stereotype. However, I believe Principal Goetz has made a very positive decision in this situation. “Made” is one of the great programs out there trying to encourage our youth to look “outside the box”. Children are taught to “be all you can be”, why should that stop inside the schools.

Principal Goetz along with many parents and adults are recognizing the changing world every day. So many of these changes are negative, but the positive changes should be embraced. Experiences shape our lives!

Kudos to Principal Goetz for allowing one of his students to experience a once in a lifetime opportunity and to dream big!

A Dreamer, Aunt, Pseudo Parent, Daughter, CHS Graduate, and one day Mother,

Jenni Anderson


Posted 7/24/2008