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What were they thinking letting MTV into CHS?

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July 18, 2008

Does MTV bear a penchant to characterize today’s youth and culture as steeped in sex, drugs and rock ’n roll? I, for one, would not like our town, let alone youth, to be associated with such behaviors.

On July 15th, I was solicited by the MTV producer of “MADE” to sign a release for my minor to appear on the “reality” show. Apparently, Mr. James Goetz, principal of our Chesterton High School, allowed MTV access for a number of weeks at the campus. MTV’s “MADE” has already filmed and plans to produce a show featuring students from our Duneland high school and community.

I, as one parent in the Duneland School corporation, do not want one single frame of MTV’s filming to “air” with my minor in this “MADE” production - not even as a mere background subject walking in the halls during a passing period!

Are there other parents here in Chesterton who would be angered to find their town or its high school, let alone child, displayed on MTV? Why should MTV be allowed to enter our school, disrupt academic endeavors and refocus our children’s social structure? Why should they be welcomed into our school environs and personal lives? Why should my tax dollars fund the setting for an MTV production?

Shame on Principal James Goetz! His permission for and cooperation with this MTV series suggest short-sighted and imprudent administrative judgment. Where is his concern for serious academic pursuit midst film crews and ongoing distractions? Has he minimal regard for the frailty of youth and our parental authority? Why did he not consult the school corporation’s Superintendent or members of the School board? With such far-reaching influences as national network television possesses, a unilateral decision on Mr. Goetz’ part seems fairly ignorant, if not damaging to our youth.

In our culture we are bombarded with a milieu of media machinations and manipulation. The pervasive “reality” portrayed on networks such as MTV surely cannot be representative of our Town!

Can we catch the bull by its horns and protect our Chesterton youth? I hope so. Please join me. Voice your concern to the Duneland School Corporation - either to School Board members or the Superintendent. I urge you to call the administrative offices at 983-3600.

Better yet go to the website: and search: what is mtv.

An outraged Chesterton parent,

Natalie Halpin


Posted 7/22/2008