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Bush nose grows with every word

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“Is he resolute or delusional” asks U.S. News and World Report. No, not Rush Limbaugh and his band of squawking Neo-cons, but our “Good job Brownie”, “Iraq’s only six months away from developing nuclear weapons”, 25 percent approval rate President, who’s Federal spending skyrocketed 45 percent since it all started Sept. 11, 2001.

Check out “Bush Lies.Net” and see why his nose grows with every other word, yet some people never question or connect the dots of where this Administration is heading America, because he’s “Born Again”.

“We’ll provide excellent care for anyone injured on the battlefield,” he beams. Yet with hospital scandals, inadequate armor and over 600,000 backlogged cases, they cut programs. Ninety-two percent of disability ratings were 20 percent or less, because many believe “a budgetary ceiling’s been imposed to contain war costs”. And please, don’t remember that Pat Tillman’s “Dying in a hail of enemy fire” or the “shot and stabbed” Jessica Lynch stories where media staged events.

“Iraq will not require sustained aid, and can finance its own reconstruction relatively soon”. Yea, right. “We’ve found the Weapons of Mass Destruction - two biological laboratories”. No, two mobil weather trailers.

And what of those “100 Orders” still remaining to control the economy, ensuring long-term U.S. economical advantages, while immediately changing to a market economy? Like #17 that grants immunity to foreign contractors, or #39 that allows privatization of state owned enterprises, or #12 that suspends all tariffs and import taxes, or #49 that drops the corporate tax rate to 15 percent, but it’s not about the oil.

Just keep your eyes on Bush’s Bouncing Ball in Iraq, where the 104 acre “Baghdad Hilton” Military Base (and 12 more) are being built to enforce the Bush backed “Hydrocarbon Law” of Iraq’s oil sharing, whereby multinational companies will split 80 percent of its revenue, insuring continued war against us “occupiers”. Don’t notice that by 2004, 24 percent of all American workers received wages below the poverty line, or the social costs paid, or that over 40,000 companies have closed or moved offshore, as entry level jobs pay dropped 3.5 to 7.5 percent, with only health care growing.

But who cares? “War is Hell”, but profitable. So while the Dow soars and Globalists drool, just dig deeper and remember which atonomical part is still above ground with your head in the sand and belt tightened.

Chuck Holley


Posted 6/6/2007