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Indiana puts roadblocks in the way of IPass users on Toll Road

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There is no reason why any Illinois I-Pass user should have to re-register on the Indiana Toll Road EZ Pass site, in order to get the toll discount on the Indiana Toll Road. This is a spurious requirement and I’m glad Illinois refuses to accept this idiotic condition.

I-Pass users can travel from New Jersey to Illinois, using their I-Pass and getting discounts, without re-registering at the site of each individual state or roadway in order to get the discount.

Leave it to Indiana and One Term Mitch to be the one screw-up in the system. While the Indiana Toll Road operator says its re-registering requirement is fair, can people with a Pennsylvania I-Pass or a New Jersey I-Pass also re-register at the Indiana site in order to get the discount or are these people shut out from the exclusive re-registration club?

Clearly Mitch and his crack negotiating team, along with our crack Legislature, did “one hell of a job” when they negotiated the 100 year lease for the operation of the Indiana Toll Road.

And speaking of that fabulous lease, where are all the jobs that Erlene Rogers was supposed to get in exchange for her critical vote for the Toll Road lease? I have e-mailed Erlene with this question, but have gotten no response.

Driving through Gary on Highway 20 also makes one wonder where all the Gary casino money revenue goes. As for me, I know that every tax dollar on money I earn in Illinois, stays in Illinois due to a previous State of Indiana crack negotiation with the State of Illinois. In fact, the income tax dollars of every person who works in Illinois, stays in Illinois. Clearly, the State of Indiana has a long history of not knowing or learning how to play well with other children.

Anne Gavagan


Posted 6/1/2007


Posted 6/1/2007