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A vote for SB1 is a vote to bypass Illiana study

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Voice of the People

In response to George Mraks letter on March 13

I can assure you that no one from CAPITís core group has said publicly or otherwise that a route has been chosen along ďhigh tension lines.Ē We, too, have heard the rumor and realize it is just that, a rumor.

Most of the people who spoke at our March 10 legislative forum were members of the public who where there to air their concerns in front of the legislators. The meeting was not held in order to allow CAPIT leaders to state our views; it was for the public. Speakers were basing their opinions on their personal experiences. A trucker who travels nationwide is a pretty good person to estimate the cost of tolls for trucks. Anyone who drives down any expressway can see that there are many rural roads that dead end before they get to the expressway. One doesnít need a study to see that.

I am the Vice President of CAPIT and our main argument is not that a study has not been scheduled, one has. Indiana and Illinois signed a memorandum of understanding in Nov. of last year. Our argument is that the pending legislation (SB1) gives the governor full authority to move ahead before this scheduled study has even begun. Weíre also unhappy with the current spin that indicates SB1 is authorization for the governor to do a study.

Spinners would like the public to think that without SB1ís passage, there can be no study. That is simply not true. No study whatsoever is provided for in the bill. In itís current form, the bill gives authority to the governor to contract with a private entity to build and manage this toll road. Should we be bidding out the job before a study has even begun?

CAPIT is hardly relying on rumors, speculation, and fear-mongering. We donít have to. The fact that SB1 would allow our residentsí land to be taken via eminent domain for the profit of a private (and likely foreign) entity with no proof of benefits to the public good is enough.

You mention an apathetic public; 1,000 people at one meeting does not sound apathetic to me. Before you criticize the leaders of our group, please take the time to contact us and learn our actual stance. Donít rely on rumors and speculation.

Laura Blaney


Posted 3/14/2007