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This is a letter of appreciation for the Chesterton Tribune. It is the heart of our community. What would we do without it? I am so impressed with this little newspaper that packs so much important information. It must be quite difficult to balance local news with national and world news and I think they do an excellent job at it. Their few writers are top notch.

I wish that more of our citizens would subscribe to the paper to know what is going on in our local and county government. What a thrill it is for the school kids to see their pictures in the newspaper so frequently and then we also get to know many important national and international issues. Please tell your friends and neighbors that we must all support our hometown newspaper because it is very rare that these newspapers can stay in business.

The corporate newspapers are downsizing regularly so imagine how difficult it must be for such a small business. Please help keep our newspaper in business. Thanks Chesterton Tribune owners and employees, we appreciate your hard work.

Mary Ann Crayton


Posted 3/7/2008