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Chesterton should have become a city when it had the chance

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Voice of the People

I recently read a couple of Voice articles that made me think some people in Chesterton are finally starting to see the light. Miss Elloís was one. Though the thought is there it still needs backing up.

Like appointing a Town manager, no progress. He or she would be appointed by the town council, so who would they answer to? The town council that is who, so you the tax payer would pay one more wage with the decisions made by the same people. Of course, they would have to pay more outsiders thousands of dollars to make up their minds.

The town should have elected to become a city and vote for a mayor when it had the chance. A mayor would have to answer to the voters not the council. Of course the council is supposed to answer to the voters, but, as in all elections, every council person is bad except for mine, so we reap what we sow.

I really donít blame the council. I blame the people for letting them spend our money and do nothing except tell us some report says this is what we should do.

You could probably get better answers out of any middle school students than we get out of our $40 thousand reports. Well, itís only Tax dollars.

By the way, now we need a bigger school. What swamp shall we build it on?

Charlie Van Cleef


Posted 3/31/2008