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Wasting $130,000 on South Shore promotion when adult ed is unfunded is just plain dumb

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Am I the only one that has to wonder just how dumb things can be? I am talking about the $130,000 spent on colorful flyers for the South Shore Extension that the vast majorities seem not to want. This compared to a very good service for the area that really helps people and is going down the drain. ADULT EDUCATION needs $110,000 to keep operating.

So which one better serves the tax payers that has worked hard for the money that funds different things around the county. It seems to me that the real goal is go for flash and what the politicians think we want and not what is really good.

What would I rather have, a flashy flyer in my mail box and an uneducated person that will more than likely turn to crime to survive? Or a good educational program that would help people get their diploma, better themselves and end up with jobs that in turn help support the community?

So far it looks like we will be stuck with $130,000 worth of nonsense. Anyone that is opposed to how our money is being handled should take note of our elected officials stand on all this. When it comes time to vote it will be the best voice you can have, even if the person making the not so bright decision is holding an appointed office. Vote out the person that did the appointing and bring in new.

Michael Adams.



Posted 1/29/2008