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South shore extension plan insane

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What is this insanity about building more tracks for the Chicago, South Shore and South Bend Railroad to Valparaiso and Lowell? Seventy years ago, we had excellent passenger train service from Valparaiso and Chesterton to Chicago and points in between. All of these quit running because they lost money. I can see no reason to believe that any new extension, which will cost billions of dollars, can be profitable. Placing the cost on the taxpayers will be a burden that we cannot stand. I wonder what lunatic conceived the idea now being discussed.

Congressman Peter Visclosky says he is in favor of it because it will bring “development of some kind. In today’s vernacular “development” means to destroy farmland, wetlands, woodlands, wildlife and all other natural resources which exist on that land in order to build houses, pave streets, create garbage, encourage sale of illegal drugs, build huge retail establishments to sell communist Chinese trash, which people have to buy because decent merchandise made in the USA is no longer available, and in general to destroy the land and its resources.

I suggest that the legislature immediately adjourn sine die and all of them go home before they can do more damage.

Very truly yours,

Malcolm E. Anderson


Posted 1/28/2008