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Chesterton should rebid waste contract

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On Monday, Dec. 8, the Chesterton Town Council will be having a public hearing on the new three year schedule for refuse and recycling fees.

Since these new fees that are being proposed were based on the cost of fuel a few months ago, I feel the Council should ask for new bids or schedules because of the decrease in fuel costs, plus the economic recession that we are now experiencing and expected to remain in for some time. They even are proposing a built-in escalating rate for the next three years. Is there a de-escalating clause if fuel prices decrease? If not, why not?

Has any thought been given to special rates for households with two persons or less who probably only need refuse services every other week? Senior citizen rates?

When fees are attached for other services instead of being part of the tax base, they are not deductible for taxpayers filing long forms. The state has its reasons for denying expenditures in local budgets.

Now is the time to pull in our belts and try to keep costs down. Be creative! Think outside the box!

These are trying times economically. Many people in our area are facing the possibility of being out of work in the near future, if they are not already. We need to try to keep costs down as much as possible. Taxpayers cannot continue to pay increases of 14 percent, 20 percent, 34 percent or 38 percent, etc. for fees that local government continues to add to our bills for services, especially in these hard economic times.

Unless you are employed by an entity that has few or no layoffs and you pay little and no health insurance costs, you need to attend this hearing.

If you cannot attend this hearing, contact a Town Council member and express your views on this issue.

 Barbara Stroud


Posted 12/5/2008