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South Shore mailings: Promoting sprawl is not environmentalism

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Voice of the People

Wow. The first four “educational” mailings from the NWI Forum supporting the South Shore Expansion made me wonder just how dumb they think the public is.

I shook my head when I read that environmentalists support it, because I have spoken to people from both the Save the Dunes Council and the Sierra Club. Neither group supports this project because they feel it will increase sprawl and unnecessarily destroy green space.

I shook my head when I read about decreased commute times. Decreased relative to what? Bicycle?

Today, I received my fifth piece of educational material. Today I did not shake my head. Today I laughed out loud. Today I “learned” that South Shore trains going to Valparaiso and Lowell are going to “improve our national security.” I cannot wait to see what the next mailing teaches me.

Laura Blaney


Posted 1/25/2008