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Consider the benefits of the South Shore before bashing it

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Voice of the People

I am replying to Mr. Crago’s letter dated 11/23 applauding the Burns Harbor decision not to support South Shore Rail expansion. Mr. Crago makes the point that only those utilizing the South Shore Line should pay for the expansion. He doesn’t use it, so he feels he should not pay for it.

What is overlooked is that travelers from Chicago would be coming here as well. NW Indiana offers so much - the beautiful lakeshore, cultural diversity, affordable housing and good school systems. We need those tourist dollars to support our infrastructure and businesses.

The comment that “you make more money in Chicago” is true. Does that mean the majority of the residents in Duneland should be sentenced to a lifetime of working two part-time jobs or never aspire to better paying careers? Shouldn’t our residents have the choice of where they want to work?

Having a modern and efficient rail system will bring much-needed dollars to this area. People from outside the area visit and suport the state and national parks; they shop in our stores; they stay in our inns. And what about those who (travel to) work in Chicago? They are more likely to spend those extra dollars they earn here, in the Duneland area. That means revenue for our community.

I am not calling for just blind support for the expansion, but since our community will reap major benefits in the years to come, it must be carefully considered.

Florian Steciuch


Posted 12/3/2007