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Daniels' dictators: Commission moves to destroy local representative government

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Voice of the People

The recommendations of Mitch Danielís Commission on Local Government Reform will not save the taxpayers any monies, will ensure a system where only the powerful and politically connected can hold office, and will totally destroy any form of representative government on the local level.

The Commission recommends all present county elected officials be appointed, save for the prosecutor and one county commissioner.

This commissioner would then act as dictator and appoint his cronies to all the other positions now held by elected officials.

These persons would be paid, just as our elected officials are now. How will this save us money? Also, who will set the salaries and the size of their staff? The dictator and his political hacks?

What do you do if you donít like the way the dictator runs things? You could run against him in the next election, but there are several things to consider before you throw your hat into the ring.

First and foremost is the fact that every county officialís job depends on the dictator getting reelected. He/she will have a whole army of political hacks campaigning and raising money to ensure their boss gets elected. Also, remember who appoints the people in voter registration who will be tallying the votes. Your chances of winning are starting to look pretty slim, arenít they?

Now, what happens when you lose? This dictator can unleash an army of his appointed officials, including the sheriff, assessor, and county code enforcement personel to make your life a living hell. This threat alone will prevent any serious competition challenging the rein of the almighty dictator.

The power to govern needs to remain in the hands of the people and not in a monarch.

Alan Hewitt



Posted 12/18/2007