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South Shore extension sprawl: Mob mentality is very expensive

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Iím seeing it again. Mob mentality. Last time it was the RDA; this time itís the Westlake Expansion for the South Shore. Both times; VERY expensive.

Many politicos jump on board and start spouting off supporting facts and numbers. Iíve yet to find anyone who can clearly explain how these numbers were derived. The really ironic thing is that the RDA was supposed to bring us the South Shore Expansion. Now weíre looking at another new tax. What a deal.

The actual facts Iíve seen show fewer than 800 regular Porter County riders, little or no positive economic development around the existing train stops, and commute minutes 2-4 times more than those in places like Naperville and Hinsdale. Once again, it doesnít add up. Iím not against economic development, and I realize itís necessary. But hasnít Porter County grown, in large part, due to our relatively low taxes?

Iím not saying no way, no train, but can we please slow down, look at this in a responsible manner and not cater only to the big money interests? Can we think about things like redevelopment while we avoid sprawl? Can we please remember the average tax-paying guy?

Laura Blaney


Posted 12/12/2007