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Our community needs to vigorously oppose the taking of our Westchester Public Library. I have lived in Michigan, Illinois, New York, Georgia, Florida, Wisconsin and New Jersey. For its size it is one of the best libraries that I have ever had the pleasure of using. They have never been unable to get a book that I requested and, indeed, they have actually owned most of the books that I have requested. The selection of periodicals is just phenomenal. The service is absolutely wonderful. The programs are outstanding.

I organize a program called Movies That Matter which is held in the Westchester Library Service Center, showing movies once a month during the winter. It is so amazing to all of us who attend these movies that we have such a wonderful facility with excellent audio visual services provided to residents of our Township. We must not lose control of this facility.

I am old enough to remember when our schools were consolidated. In my opinion that was the beginning of the end of our education system in America. When the community loses control of its services very quickly the participation of its citizens is lost. What a terrible mistake to lose the participation of our communities. That is our strength and is vital to the fabric of the community. The schools, churches and library are the foundation of our community and when we no longer participate in and have control over their life then we all lose.

I urge all residents to please fight to retain this vital part of our community. Write letters, attend meetings, put up signs. Do whatever it takes to keep control of our library.

Mary Ann Crayton


Posted 10/2/2007




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