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Remembering The War in Chesterton

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I read, with great interest, the wonderful story about Magdeline Kubick.

I remember so well when the news (of her death) reached Chesterton. Friends met at the home of her sister, Betty Glawe, to learn what happened and offer our condolences. It was a sad time.

I’ve been watching the TV series “The War” and find it very moving. Living through those times was spread over four years and the only pictures were in the paper or news features at the movie theaters.

Some other memories are of Dave Hess delivering the dreaded telegrams - hoping it was only a “wounded” message. Howard Carlson flying his bomber over Chesterton on his way to combat - and the message he was lost in the South Pacific. Visiting Emily (Beam) Bushore in the Waves stationed in Washington, D.C. and Ben Kosmatka at a nearby Coast Guard station. And the many girls with orange hair- a sign of working the Kingsbury ordinance plant.

It all seems, and it was, so long ago. I was young, working at the N.I.P.S.C.O office on Calumet Rd. The closest I had in service were three cousins - Marines - that we later learned had fought through the bloody island campaigns in the South Pacific. All came home.

Verla Schmid


Posted 10/16/2007