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Stop naming developments for the things they destroy

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Voice of the People

So our slithering friends of Timberland are back at it again.

I simply love the “name the subdivision after what we are destroying” theme though I guess there is not enough room for the full list so Farms will have to do.

Did anyone think to inform them that there is a minimal amount of wetlands left in the area for them to destroy?

They should move the developments a few miles north. There’s still some PRIME untouched ecosystems around Westchester for their bulldozers of greed to consume.

With the construction of yet another burdensome development in an area overflowing with people, one must ask, what are we paying our politicians for?

Is it the job of the commissioners to rubber stamp every attempt to destroy what little is left of the unique country side that makes up Liberty and Jackson townships?

When was the last time a development was NOT approved?

I always thought living in the country was about a certain level of solitude or if nothing else, peace and quiet.

Now are we thinking about making Meridian a four lane road?

When do the strip malls go up?

Can we name the soon to be town Chester-burb?

Is this the start of a trend that will turn our countryside into Valpo’s “country side” with mile after mile of treeless subdivisions, the poster child of suburban hell, the kind of scene that strikes you as odd whenever you see it on TV or a Movie?

Well we know we can not count on our county government to stop it, so what does that leave?

William Lemmons


Posted 10/12/2007