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No need for another expressway to LaPorte County

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Voice of the People

The Indiana legislature should heed the lesson learned by the congress in giving a top executive carte blanch permission to sell another toll road without a definite plan. There is no need for another expressway going to LaPorte County.

There is seldom congestion on I-94 east of Hwy 65. Build the expressway from I-65 to I-57 and westbound traffic could go I-65 south to the expressway and avoid Chicago traffic, saving 16,000 acres of prime farmland.

For many years an effort has been made to abolish all toll roads. And many of them were made freeways when paid for.

This was promised to the people of Indiana concerning the Indiana Toll Road, but we were lied to and our governor with the legislature’s permission enforced that lie. So how are we to believe what our officials say?

John Kerr


Posted 3/5/2007