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Town of Porter OKs micropantry donation box

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The Porter Town Council approved placement of a micropantry donation box at its meeting last night.

Building Commissioner Michael Barry reported that he received word that Porter resident Angel Berg, 17, wants to install a micropantry donation box in Porter as part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project and in partial fulfillment of her creativity, activity, and service requirements for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. Barry said there used to be a similar drop-off in town, but it was on a rental property. The owner has since moved, taking the box with.

The idea is for residents to put non-perishable items in the box whenever convenient, and those in need can take from it as needed. It will be accessible 24-hours a day. Berg wants the micropantry on the police station’s property to avoid vandalism. Police Chief Jamie Spanier gave his okay, as long as the box is placed in view of security cameras.

Barry said he thinks that a micropantry is a great idea. Council President Erik Wagner and Council member Greg Stinson also praised the plan.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Jay Craig reported that the Porter FD has won a $6,000 grant from ArcelorMittal for the purchase of a thermal imaging camera, but did not win the NIPSCO grant for new extrication equipment.

Porter FD ran 57 calls last month, bringing them to 494 calls for the year. Craig said, in addition to being more busy than usual by number of calls, 17 percent of the time, they’re running multiple calls at once. “In fact, it happened today. That’s three times in the last week,” he said.

Firefighter of the month is Ron Augustyn.

Joint Auction

Public Works Supervisor Brenda Brueckheimer proposed that Porter join with Chesterton to have a joint surplus auction on Oct. 17. Brueckheimer said Porter’s surplus will be taken to the Chesterton Street Department and the auction will be conducted there. The towns will take tickets separately, receive their own checks for the profits, and split the $600 auctioneer fee. The Council approved.

Council Comments

Stinson reported that St. Baldrick’s at Valparaiso University is Nov. 3. “I am throwing in the challenge to everyone in Town, especially employees,” Stinson said, noting he’s forming a team for the Town. He also promised to personally match the first $2,000 raised.

Other Approvals

The Porter Town Council approved a $504,040 additional appropriation from the local road and bridge matching grant fund to pay for the work done on the 2018 community crossing paving projects. No one spoke for or against the appropriation at a public hearing.

The Council also approved two contracts with Umbaugh, one for GO bonds and one for arbitrage compliance services. Umbaugh will be working on a general bond that may go to the purchase of a new fire truck or new park equipment. More details will be made available as the work progresses.




Posted 9/12/2018





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