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Town of Porter employees may now donate paid leave to colleagues

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Town of Porter municipal employees who have maintained a minimum number of paid vacation and sick days may now donate those days to a colleague in need.

At the Town Council’s meeting Tuesday night, members voted 4-0 to adopt a resolution amending the Personnel Policy to permit the donation of accrued paid leave to employees with serious illnesses.

Member Elka Nelson said that the policy is virtually the same as one adopted by the Town of Chesterton several years ago.


•Employees must bank a minimum number of vacation and sick days for their own use before they may donate days to a colleague.

•Employees may choose a specific colleague to whom to donate their days. “You get to pick which worker gets your time,” Nelson said.

•Donations are strictly voluntary.

•Donations may be made by an employee in one department to a colleague in a different department.

Nelson did say that she wants department heads to maintain a close audit of leave time, to ensure that every employee knows exactly how many days he or she has banked at any given time.

Dais Lowered

In other business, Police Chief Jamie Spanier took a moment to thank Lt. John Lane for lowering the dais at which council members sit for their meetings.

“It was way cheaper than the estimate of $7,000,” Spanier said. “He spent $50 on materials and four days of his time.”

Nelson expressed her gratitude as well, although she did confess to a bit of self-consciousness at the council’s un-concealing.

Public Works Director Brenda Brueckheimer, for his part, praised Lane’s “workmanship.” She added, “It’s nice to able to see and hear now.”



Posted 3/27/2013