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Ruth 'Babe' Poparad made honorary Sheriff Deputy

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Porter County Sheriff Dave Reynolds declared Ruth “Babe” Poparad an honorary Sheriff’s Deputy at the Porter Town Council’s meeting Tuesday night.

Reynolds appeared before the council to deputize Poparad after recently meeting her at an awareness event in Hawthorne Park. Poparad has faithfully served as a crossing guard at Yost Elementary School for 33 years.

Poparad noted that her job has been a challenge since she began. She’s had students ask her hand in marriage and dealt with many tears and fussing as the first person her walkers encounter at the beginning of each school day. Then there are the motorists who simply don’t want to stop for the kids.

And though, Poparad added, most drivers in the area are considerate, she’s had near misses with careless drivers with Illinois plates. Council members laughed and agreed as she described how she would give those drivers what-for if they actually stopped when she held up her sign.

Health Insurance

In other business, Steve Brady of Heritage Advisory Group presented his recommendations on municipal health insurance, after receiving four bids which he found in compliance with Indiana Board of Health Standards: that the council continue its agreement with United and stay with Best Life, the latter of which currently handles the provisions for life insurance and vision and dental coverage.

Brady noted that that the renewal rate on the policy this year is exceptional: 3.4 percent. “Anything under 10 is a gift,” he said.

There are some small changes. The policies will revert from partially self-funded to the traditional fully funded model used in the past. There will also be a health reimbursement arrangement, wherein the town shoulders the burden of a larger deductible to offer a lower deductible to individual employees. There may be slight increases in life and dental insurance premiums. Vision premiums will remain the same.

Council President Greg Stinson was pleasantly surprised that the town is able to stick with the same plan for the first time in several years because employees won’t have to learn the inner workings of a new policy by a different provider. He also noted that he and Brady would hold meetings with employees in the near future to give more specific updates.

Fire Department

Meanwhile, Deputy Fire Chief Jay Craig received the council’s permission to continue advocating for Safe Haven Baby Boxes and spreading awareness about them. Craig noted that the Chesterton Town Council is considering acquiring a Safe Haven Baby Box, and that the one in Coolspring Township In LaPorte County was used earlier this month. The boxes provide mothers a safe way to give up an unwanted infant anonymously without fear of legal action--as is their right under Indiana’s Safe Haven Law, provided the child shows no signs of abuse.

“We are not currently asking for one, but we support them,” Craig said.

Craig also gave a final reminder that the Fire Department’s annual Christmas Open House will be at the fire station from 1 to 4 p.m. Saturday, Dec. 2, with Santa arriving by fire truck at 1:30 p.m. The FD will also be collecting new toys for Toys for Tots, and encourages donations of non-perishable food items for their food drive.

Join a Board

Porter residents are welcome to apply for open seats on municipal boards. All five seats on the Redevelopment Commission are open for one-year terms. There is one opening on each of the following: Plan Commission, Police Commission, Stormwater Board, Board of Zoning Appeals. No party affiliation is required for any of the openings.

Applicants must send a letter of interest to Clerk Treasurer Carol Pomeroy no later than Dec. 15. The letter can be posted to 303 Franklin Street, Porter, IN 46304 or e-mailed to



Posted 11/29/2017




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