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Photos: Porter Town Hall: Gone but not forgotten

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The historic Porter Town Hall was torn down Tuesday, ending a many-year battle to preserve the structure.

(Tribune photos by Margaret L. Willis)

Top Row Left to Right:

--The building as it once appeared. The contractor removed the more recent additions to the 1913 structure and took a break so photos of the original building could be taken.

--The wrecker knocks down the north facade.

--In Mourning: Supporters of renovating the old Porter Town Hall are in mourning today, after the demolition Tuesday afternoon of the 1913 building. Sherrill Newman draped the wooden sign in her yard in black cloth.

--Allison Granat, 6, daughter of town council member Jennifer Granat, who supported preserving the structure, holds a souvenir brick from the demolition site.

Center Row:

--The cornerstone, with the names R. Huff, E.F. Brody, F.E Peterson and E.N. Yost, lies on the ground after removal.

--The eyebrow windows were so soundly constructed they survived the wrecker, falling intact to the ground.

--The “City Hall’ stone, formerly above the main doors on the north facade, lies among debris.

--The wrecker begins work.

Bottom Row:

--The builders, proud of their carpentry, apparently signed the main beams in 1913.

--The cupola lies toppled on the west side of the building.

--The old brick chimney was one of the last things still standing after hours of wrecker activity.


Posted 10/9/2002