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Porter Town Council sets up funds for GO bond proceeds

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The Porter Town Council set a public hearing at its meeting last night for an ordinance appropriating the funds from the $830,000 General Obligation (GO) bond the Town secured last year for new park equipment and a new fire truck.

The Council set the matter for public hearing at its March 12 meeting.

The ordinance establishes three funds from which the Town can pay related expenses. The funds will be for park equipment, fire truck, and other capital.

Council President Greg Stinson emphasized that the ordinance is only for the creation of funds--it doesn’t set in stone how much money will go toward certain projects.

Stinson said the beginning balance for the park equipment fund from the bond is set at $75,000 per the ordinance, but the amount of bond money that will be spent on park equipment has not yet been decided.

“We are not capping what we plan on spending on park equipment at $75,000, necessarily. It’s just that if we didn’t establish the funds at this time we would have to put through another ordinance and another public hearing later in the year,” Stinson said. “At the end of the year, we’ll have the budget lines available, and we can move money without any need for public hearings.”

Stinson said the cost of the park upgrades that residents have been asking for isn’t known, and putting off the process of establishing the funds until it is could slow down planning and payments on all the projects the GO bond is for.

Stinson said it would be nice if $75,000 got the project done, but he fully expects the Town will spend more.

In other financial business, the Council declared a fund dormant and transferred the remaining balance to the Town’s rainy day fund. Stinson said the fund declared dormant was previously used to pay for the new police station and had money left over--approximately $84,144.84--after the Town paid off the station early.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Jay Craig reported the Porter FD ran 62 calls in January with a spike in calls the week of the polar vortex. Craig said thanks to volunteers, the station stayed fully-staffed during the four days of record low temperatures.

Craig also reported five prospective Porter firefighters have enrolled in the District 1 fire academy, and Firefighter of the month is Glenn Zaideman.


Posted 2/27/2019






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