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Porter Town Council ready for more paving; OKs new health plan

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Porter residents are welcome to park their cars on the grass at Hageman Library, behind Town Hall, or anywhere where crews aren’t paving over the next few days.

But for roads that are being paved, please move your cars.

If for some reason you are not able to move a car, please call Town Hall, said Director of Development Michael Barry at Tuesday’s Town Council meeting.

Milling will begin today and tomorrow on the Franklin St. alley, Hageman St. south of Franklin St., Franklin St. east of Wagner Rd., Rankin St., Pleasant Ave. south of Beam St., Porter Ave. south of Beam St. and Beam St. east of Wagner Rd.

Following the milling will be three days of paving.

The next phase will be milling and paving Canonie Dr. and Tremont Rd. for two days, then back to the downtown area. The last phase of paving will include Wagner Rd. and Waverly Rd.

Barry said a notice for the paving phases will be printed in today’s Chesterton Tribune. The Town approved a bid by Walsh and Kelly for the work earlier this year, with bonds issued by the Redevelopment Commission.

“When it’s done, it should be beautiful. It’s a minor inconvenience now but we will have lovely, beautiful streets,” Barry said.

Work will be done in the early morning as a convenience for businesses in the downtown area, before the start of business hours in many places, Barry added.

Public Works Director Brenda Brueckheimer said that there is a minor oversight with the newspaper notice. Residents should know that Hageman Library will be needing their parking lot for the next few days, but the grassy area north of the lot may be used by those who need to move their vehicles off the street, Brueckheimer said.

Porter to join United HealthCare

In business matters Tuesday, the Council voted 3-0 in switching for Star Mark Insurance to United HealthCare Choice Plus network for employee health coverage.

Stephen Brady of Heritage Advisory Group said that this year saw a high number of claims, which is normal considering “all groups go through cycles.” However, the renewal with Star Mark would be an increase in costs of 59 percent.

Due to the increase, the plan was sent out for bids to insurance carriers and third party administrators. Six bids were received for a fully-funded plan, three were received for self-insured plans and three were received for third party administrators.

Brady said after a review, he recommended that coverage be moved to United HealthCare, one of the bids for a fully-funded plan.

Changes would be minimal, he said, but there would be a minimal out-of-pocket increase for employees, a minimum change for physician and emergency room visits and some slight increase for prescription co-pays. The change would not increase the Town’s or employees’ premiums.

Brady said employees will receive a benefit increase in dental coverage, from a $1,500 to a $2,000 annual maximum.

With the approval of the United HealthCare plan, the Council agreed to pay 90 percent of employees’ $5,000 annual deductible, meaning employees would need to contribute $500.

Council President Greg Stinson said he agrees that United is the best option and said he has used it before, that it has “quite a big” network, and “they are really easy to work with” in terms of customer service.

Brady said there will be meetings for employees to answer questions they may have. Coverage will begin on Aug. 1.

Voting in favor were Stinson and Council members Ross LeBleu and Erik Wagner. Absent from the meeting Tuesday were Council members Bill Lopez and Tim Conroy.



Posted 7/13/2016




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