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Porter Town Council opts not to sell old Porter Ave lift station property at this time

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The Porter Town Council has decided not to list the old Porter Ave. lift station property for sale.

At the Councilís meeting Tuesday night, Building Commissioner Michael Barry reported that after researching the old lift station property at the end of Porter Ave., he found a discrepancy in its legal description. According to Barry, Porter acquired the parcel in 1916. At that time, it was a square, one-acre lot. When I-94 was built in 1954, a corner of the property was clipped off to make way for the highway.

This change isnít reflected in the legal description for the property. In order to sell it, the Town would have to update the legal description and have the land surveyed again. Barry estimates that would cost upwards of $4,500. Only two bidders--abutting property owner Roger Hess and Shirley Heinze Land Trust--have expressed interest in the property, so Barry recommended the Town hold on to the parcel for now. The Council agreed.

Fire Department

Fire Chief Jay Craig reported that engine 910, which sustained some damage on a call, has been repaired. The Town met its $1,000 insurance deductible and received a reimbursement check for $2,213.40 for the rest of the cost.

In other Fire Department news, the emergency reporting software the Fire Department uses is up for renewal. Craig said it costs $1,420, and Porter usually teams up with Chesterton FD and Westchester Township to make the purchase. The Council approved him approaching Westchester Township on the matter.


Duneland Chamber of Commerce President Maura Durham appeared to ask the Council to support this yearís lakefront fireworks display, scheduled for July 2 with a rain date of July 5.

The Council opted to donate $2,500 in in-kind services, specifically for police and fire department presence.

Next Meeting

Council President Erik Wagner noted that the next Town Council meeting would have fallen on election day, May 8. The Council agreed to reschedule the first May meeting for 7 a.m. Thursday, May 10, at the Town Hall.



Posted 4/25/2018




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