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Porter Town Council makes board appointments

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The Porter Town Council made appointments to boards and commissions and renewed annual contracts at its meeting Tuesday.

John Kremke was reappointed to the Board of Zoning Appeals, Jim Eriksson was reappointed to the Stormwater Management Board, Mark Lynk was reappointed to the Police Commission, Bill Lopez was reappointed to the Duneland Economic Development Commission (DEDC), and Greg Stinson was reappointed to the Northwest Indiana Regional Planning Committee (NIRPC).

Jay Craig, Jamie Spanier, and David Phillips were the three town employees/officials appointed to the Plan Commission. Laura Madigan was also reappointed to the Plan Commission and new member Rob Albrecht-Mallinger was appointed. Tara Duffie, Greg Stinson, Brian Finley, Erik Wagner, and Bill Lopez will serve on the Redevelopment Commission.

The Council approved its annual contracts with Town Planner Jim Mandon; financial advisor Baker Tilly; Engineering firms Haas & Associates, Global Engineering, and Abonmarche; economic development consultant MCR Partners; tech support company Innovative Technology Solutions; human resources consultant Nora Wiergacz; and the Porter Volunteer Firefighters.

The Council also reorganized, reelecting Greg Stinson as President and Bill Lopez as Vice-president, then reappointed all existing Town Department heads.


Police Chief Jamie Spanier encouraged residents to lock their doors, following a rash of thefts from vehicles in Portage and Burns Harbor. “If you see someone messing with your car, don’t confront them. There are reports they may be armed,” Spanier said.

Residents should be viligant, but call the Police and don’t intervene if they see something, Spanier said. “To this point they have not gotten into locked cars, only unlocked ones,” he added.

Clerk-treasurer Carol Pomeroy announced that Porter Beach parking permits will go on sale to Porter residents March 9 and 10. Porter residents must have a driver’s license with a Porter address in order to purchase beach permits the first two days of the sale. Non-residents of Porter can buy permits starting March 11.

The Town will be selling 700 permits again this year, since the Town Council approved selling 700 permits instead of 600 in 2019. There will be a limit of two permits per household. After reaching the household limit, residents are allowed to get back in line, but only if they are buying on behalf of others.

Parks Director Brian Bugajski thanked the Duneland Flyers for a plaque they presented him in recognition of the Town’s support. Reid Amons, a Flyers coach, said the Duneland Flyers are entering their 20th year of community softball and baseball, and using Hawthorne Park has been a blessing. The Council approved the Flyers to continue using Hawthorne Park for games and practices in 2020, pending Bugajski’s receiving signed waivers from players.

Bugajski also congratulated Porter Parks Trails & Facilities Specialist Nick Sufana for netting a scholarship to the Great Lakes Parks Training Institute.

Public Works Supervisor Sarah Olson reminded residents the Town is still picking up discarded Christmas trees, and leaf pickup is over for the season. Leaves now need to be bagged and put out roadside for pickup.

Building Commissioner Michael Barry reported he’s scheduled a visit from the Army Corps of Engineers after the weekend’s storms and resulting tall waves caused a lot of damage at Porter Beach. Barry said he has a contingency plan (directing drivers through the parking lot of the old Johnson Inn) so no residents at Porter Beach will lose access to their homes if conditions worsen at the Lakefront.

Fire Chief Jay Craig said he was proud the Town took part in Toys for Tots again and reported more than 2,100 kids were supplied with toys this year. Craig also reported the PFD responded to a total of 608 calls in 2019, which is 100 calls more than their average. The PFD was also dispatched to a second call while working one call almost 18 percent of the time in 2019, according to Craig.

Craig thanked Signature Graphics, which did the chevron striping on the back of the PFD’s rescue truck and engine and the graphics on the Ford Explorer the Porter Police Department recently transferred to the PFD at no cost. “That was a huge donation by Signature Graphics, and we greatly appreciate them for doing that,” Craig said.

The Council also approved a change order for the refurbishment of the Department’s 1995 International tanker. Westchester Township generously paid approximately $145,000 for the refurb, so Craig said he’ll pay the $2,521 change order for additional work on mounting pipe poles and changing the chevron colors on the back of the tanker from his budget.

Council Comments

Stinson welcomed new council member David Phillips. Phillips then thanked the voters. “I’d like to say thanks to everyone for giving me the opportunity to serve for the next 4 years,” Phillips said. “I’m going to enjoy it, and I hope you do too.”



Posted 1/17/2020





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