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Porter to split garbage and recycling collections

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“The more information we can get out to residents, the less conflict and confrontation we’ll have later,” said Porter Town Council president Michele Bollinger.

She was addressing Able Disposal operations manager Brian Murphy, who had just received 3-1 council permission to begin next month collecting garbage for most of the town on Thursdays but collecting recyclables every other Friday.

Councilman Jon Granat, who voted no, said he feared the town hall will be innundated with calls over the change. Able will distribute flyers to residents at its own expense prior to the new recycling schedule taking effect.

Murphy said 80 percent of Porter County doesn’t have its garbage and recyclables collected on the same day. During the Porter transition, additional pick-ups as needed will be made.

“Anything we do we’ll try to make the service better at all times,” he assured the council.

Councilman Dave Babcock, Public Works liaison, cited ongoing problems with Able’s service. “It’s not been the day so much, just not being picked up.” Murphy said some recent problems have been weather-related.

He also said when Porter objected to Able garbage trucks cutting through its downtown on the way to Able’s Chesterton transfer station, those trucks were redirected to another site.

Jim Smith of Able said it might be helpful if information is provided on a website to let residents know about garbage and recycling pick-up changes.

Brueckheimer recuperating

Public Works superintendent Brenda Brueckheimer is recuperating following recent surgery and will be off work for several weeks. Sewer foreman Sarah Olsen is in charge of daily operations while Porter director of engineering Matt Keiser will be handling the calls and Babcock any personnel matters.

He wished Brueckheimer well, adding, “We hope Brenda doesn’t get too anxious and stays home and heals up. We’ll be glad to have her back, but healthy.”

Keiser reported that the Street Department over the last 10 days has spread 3 1/2 tons of pothole patch on the roads. He also asked that vehicles not park on the roadway, or as close to the curb as possible, following snowfalls.

From the audience Kay Copollo said Carl Copollo is celebrating his 30th anniversary with the Porter Street Department. She said town residents have been very good to him.

Bollinger thanked Copollo for his service.

Winter parking OK’d

By consensus with member Micheal Genger absent, the council approved use of the town’s Porter Beach parking lot for the guests of Chuck Welter, who will be having what was described as a large party Feb. 21.

Town police chief James Spanier said he has no problem with the request because it’s winter. “If this would be summertime I’d have a different answer.” He also said if the lot can’t be used, parking problems likely would occur near Welter’s residence blocking access for emergency vehicles.

Fire chief Lewis Craig reminded Porter landlords they have until Jan. 31 to submit completed forms as required under town ordinance. The forms can be obtained at the town hall, police station or fire station but must be returned to the latter.

In other business, at town attorney Patrick Lyp’s request the council voted 4-0 to conduct a closed executive session on a date to be determined to discuss an employee matter.

Keiser implored residents to stop flushing inappropriate items down the sewer, items that clog pumps and require manhours to repair.

Park superintendent Jim Miller thanked the council for funding the park’s recently purchased dump truck.



Posted 1/27/2010




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