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Porter to sell 100 extra beach permits this year

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An extra 100 parking permits for Porter Beach--a total of 700-- will be up for grabs when permits go on sale March 11.

At last night’s Porter Town Council meeting, the Council passed on second reading the ordinance governing the sale of beach permits, and Council President Greg Stinson reminded residents of the dates of sale and new rules regarding how many can be bought at one time.

Stinson also urged residents to check their licenses and vehicles registrations to make sure they don’t list a Chesterton address in error.

Last year, the Council approved giving Porter residents first dibs on the permits by reserving the first two days of sale for people in Town, but Stinson says the BMV sometimes makes mistakes due to Porter and Chesterton sharing a zip code.

“For the first two days, if the legal address says Chesterton, you’re not getting a permit,” Stinson said. “I encourage you to check. There’s still time to go to the BMV and get things changed.”

On Monday, March 11 and Tuesday, March 12, Porter residents have first dibs on the permits. The remaining permits are available to the general public Wednesday, March 13. Town employees, including Porter Volunteer Firefighters, can buy during a presale on the preceding Friday. Permits are no longer available through mail.

Those who buy cannot buy more than two permits per address and cannot buy for more than two households at once. The total number of permits that someone may walk away from the line with at one time is four, regardless of residency. Residents can only buy for other residents on the first two days.

Stinson noted the wording of the ordinance does allow for people who have bought four permits to buy more, but they may only do so after going to the end of the line and waiting again.

The change was in response to people last year buying five or more permits at once, which meant a very limited number was left for people outside Porter after they went on sale for residents.

“While we want to make sure that our residents can have the opportunity, we also know there was some gaming of the system,” said Stinson. “There were people from outside the town and the Duneland community who got shut out. We want to avoid that.”

The prices for permits remain the same as last year: $10 for seniors, $20 for Town employees, $30 for Porter residents, $60 for Indiana residents outside of Porter, and $100 for those out of state. Elected officials do not get Town employee pricing.

Other business

In other business, the Town reupped its Animal Control contract with the County for three more years. The cost of the service is $10,158--down from $11,520 last year.

The Board also approved an agreement with Shirley Heinze Land Trust for them to do trail and clearing work at Hawthorne Park.


Posted 2/13/2019




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