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Porter to issue $830,000 bond for fire truck and parks

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The Porter Town Council approved the issuance of a general obligation (GO) bond for $830,000 at its meeting last night.

The funds from the bond will go toward the purchase of a new fire engine, new park equipment, and various smaller capital improvement projects to improve infrastructure in Porter.

Eric Walsh, of Umbaugh, reported the Town will repay the bond in annual installments of $90,317 over 10 years. A property tax rate increase of .0397 will go toward the payments.

Walsh said Porter homeowners with an assessed valuation of $100,000 will see a property tax increase of about $13 a year during repayment, which is the same amount they saw during repayment for the new police building, which ended in 2017. “We’re replacing that tax rate that rolled off about a year ago with this tax rate,” he said. “Two years ago, they were paying that $13 anyway.”

The impact of the increase for commercial properties is about $40 a year, Walsh said.

Walsh said he will price the bond for the Town to lock in the lowest interest rate on Oct. 30 and expects the sale to close in mid-November. The proceeds of the bond will be available for spending two weeks from closing.

Council member Greg Stinson said the bond is meant to better quality of life and ensure safety for Porter residents. “We don’t want to raise anyone’s taxes, but we also know we have a fire engine out of service, and we obviously have work that needs to be done on a number of locations,” he said.

The Council approved on first reading an ordinance approving the issuance and sale of the GO bond. Member Brian Finley motioned to suspend the rules, and the ordinance was also approved on second reading last night. The Council then conducted a first reading of an ordinance appropriating the funds from the GO bonds to go toward the projects mentioned. A second reading will be conducted at the next meeting, Oct. 9.


Police Chief Jamie Spanier asked permission to get quotes for two new police vehicles and change the time of year the Porter PD usually gets the quotes. Spanier proposed that from now on, quotes for new vehicles will be presented to the Council in mid-October for vehicles that the PPD will get the following year. Spanier said the reason is that most Indiana police departments get quotes for new vehicles and get the vehicles outfitted in the same three-month period, and he’d like to get ahead of that. The Council agreed.

Public Works Supervisor Brenda Brueckheimer reported that leaf pick-up hasn’t yet started, but residents can bag leaves and put them out for regular collection in the meantime. Also, she added seven items to the list of surplus items that will be available at the joint town auction with Chesterton on Oct. 17. The items are: a 1989 John Deere 1050 with bush hog, a Guardian 12-volt generator, a 2-Each Shop Vac wet vac, an 18-inch 40 CC Makita chainsaw, a 39 CC McCulloch chainsaw, a 2000 Airlessco paint sprayer, and a Craftsman edger.

Parks Director Brian Bugajski received approval to add three certificates for free use of park facilities to the silent auction at Perfect Pint, which is coming up on Oct. 6. The certificates are for free use of the community center, a park shelter, and Millennium Gazebo. Buajski reminded residents to get tickets for Perfect Pint, as they are going fast.

Building Commissioner Michael Barry reported that Porter will put in its application for 2019 Community Crossing paving grants Wednesday.

Other Business

Porter resident Jennifer Klug made a reminder that the laws surrounding campaign signs changed last year. Citizens can now post political signs on their property 60 days ahead of an election rather than 30 days. Klug said she brought it up because a lot of people may not be aware of the recent change.

Council President Erik Wagner announced that Jeannine Virtue has resigned from her seat on the Redevelopment Commission. He asked that any residents interested in filling her seat put in an application by Oct. 9.



Posted 9/26/2018






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