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Porter Planners favor subdividing property on US 20

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The Comfort Inn and Suites property owners on the northeast cloverleaf of Interstate 94 and U.S. 20 in Porter is seeking to subdivide the property in two lots in order to sell the land.

The Porter Advisory Plan Commission voted 7-0 in favor of subdividing at a preliminary hearing during its meeting on Wednesday.

Representing property owner Yashamar Inc., Mark Landstrom of Landmark Engineering LLC said the plan is to split the current 5.6-acre parcel in half. The west half would have the hotel and the other half would contain the unbuildable wetland.

When the site’s planned unit development (PUD) was approved for the site years ago, Yashamar had planned to put the hotel where the wetlands are and a gas station and restaurant were going to be on the west end, closer to the intersection. However, the wetlands are not suitable for development and the company decided to only build the hotel where it could.

The only real purpose for the wetland parcel would be for financing, Landstrom said.

Town Planner Jim Mandon said he favored the subdivision plans as it is a routine “administerial” process. “It straightens out the initial PUD requirements for the land uses of what has actually been built,” he told the Commission.

There was also a preliminary hearing for a PUD amendment. Town Director of Development Michael Barry said the three reasons for the amendment is splitting the lot, having the hotel in a different spot and removing the gas station and restaurant.

The public hearing for the subdivision approval was opened at the meeting and will be continued until next month. Board attorney Laura Frost said it would be more logical to have the PUD amended first since it would drive the subdivision plan in terms of number of lots.

She advised that continuing the hearing for the subdivision to next month would save the petitioner from having to renotify.

No one from the public came to speak during the public hearing, which was continued by the Commission 7-0.



Posted 2/16/2017




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