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Porter OKs kayak rental at Porter Beach

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The Porter Town Council approved a request for a new vendor to operate at Porter Beach at its meeting last night.

Police Chief Jamie Spanier said the vendor, Simms Enterprises Inc., would like to set up shop to rent kayaks and three-wheel water bikes at the beach. He said the vendor wants to operate for the rest of the season this year to gauge whether or not it could be a full-time venture next year.

Spanier said the company has only two employees--the owner and his wife--and they both have the proper background checks in order. Their insurance is not yet in order, but Spanier asked that the Council approve the request contingent upon the receipt of proper insurance--an action the Council often takes for vendors.

Council President Erik Wagner asked if anyone objected to discussing and approving an item that wasn’t formally on the agenda. Council member and former Council President Greg Stinson, for his part, said asking to operate for the last part of the season is a special case, and he’d rather see it approved so the vendor doesn’t miss out on two or three weeks of business waiting for the next meeting. The Council approved the vendor request contingent upon updated insurance.

Public Works

Director of Public Works Brenda Brueckheimer gave a shoutout to the Northwest Indiana Paddling Association for their efforts in clearing the Porter section of the Little Calumet River. The paddlers have been working their way along the Little Calumet clearing logjams and removing debris from the river in various communities. Brueckheimer said the paddlers even pulled a TV out of the water near the Mineral Springs Road bridge.

Brueckheimer also took a moment to thank her staff for their work this past week. She reported that Porter has gotten 1.7 inches of rain in the past week and a half, and the influx has caused a lot of drainage issues.

Public Comment

Chesterton Town Council member Emerson Delaney appeared to bring a public safety issue to the Council’s attention. Delaney lives adjacent to a property in Porter where a large dead tree is leaning precariously over Tremont Road.

Brueckheimer has not stepped in on the issue because the tree is also hanging over a private utility, a Comcast line. Delaney said he began trying to call Comcast on June 3, and nothing has been done. “There’s no sense of urgency with them,” he said. Brueckheimer confirmed she has not made progress with Comcast on the issue either.

“The utility needs to be held accountable for this,” Delaney said. Delaney noted that Tremont Road has a lot of traffic in that area, and he doesn’t want to see someone get hurt.

Wagner said the Council would discuss a solution with Brenda after the meeting.




Posted 7/25/2018




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