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Porter firefighters honored

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Porter Fire Chief Jay Craig recognized his firefighters who earned awards at the PFD’s recent awards dinner and gave a new award at the Porter Town Council’s meeting Tuesday.

Craig said the firefighter with the most calls in 2018 was Ryan Borne and the officer with the most calls in 2018 was Lieutenant Evan Jamrock. Firefighter of the Year, which is awarded based on a vote within the PFD, was awarded to Lieutenant Brian Mullholland. Mark Piazza was voted Officer of the Year.

Craig also noted that the PFD created the Lewis T. Craig Sr. award for dedication last year. It was first awarded posthumously to former Chief Lewis T. Craig Sr. for 2017. In 2018, the award went to Mullholland. Mullholland was also awarded the chief’s cross. Ron Augustyn was awarded the medal of valor for his actions last summer when the PFD responded to two drownings in one day.

Craig also gave an award he wasn’t able to present at the dinner. He honored Town Council President Greg Stinson with the PFD’s Phoenix Award, an award they created for a civilian who makes outstanding, selfless contributions--named after Phoenix Bridegroom.

“Mr. Stinson has gone above and beyond in his support to our Department. In our darkest hours, he has always been there,” Craig said. Craig noted Stinson also manages the Town of Porter St. Baldrick’s team Porter4Phoenix, which raises money for childhood cancer research in honor of Bridegroom, who is fighting leukemia, each year.

Bridegroom herself presented Stinson’s medal.


Police Chief Jamie Spanier reminded folks planning to see the fireworks at Porter Beach to stop by the Police Station or the Town Hall ahead of time to pick up a flyer. The flyer shows that visitors have read and understand the rules for the event, and having them ready helps speed up the line, Spanier said.

Spanier noted that getting people out of both Porter Beach and the State Park last year was difficult due to people parking along Waverly and the bike path and walking in, slowing down vehicle traffic. There will be no parking allowed on the street this year, as usual, but Porter Police will be patrolling and using extra signage and barricades to enforce it this time.

In related business, Stinson reminded residents to be considerate of their neighbors when using fireworks at their homes. He urged residents to communicate with their neighbors about when they plan to set off fireworks.

“You’ve got young children, the elderly, animals, individuals suffering from PTSD, and others who can be seriously impacted by those sounds,” Stinson said. “One of the things that research shows is that if they are notified and can prepare themselves, it goes a long way to minimize those damages.”

“It’s really important we look out for each other,” Stinson added.


Posted 6/28/2019




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