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Porter donates land to Heinze Trust

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The Porter Town Council voted to donate a municipal property and to consider at its next meeting a resolution regarding the sale of another at its meeting Tuesday night.

The first property, at Lot 61 of Woodlake Springs subdivision, was originally given to the Town instead of being developed into a park, Building Commissioner Michael Barry said. He recommended that the property be donated to environmental group Shirley Heinze Land Trust because it is entirely in a floodplain and part of a wetland bordering the East Branch of the Little Calumet River. The Council approved the donation unanimously.

Barry then reported on the status of one acre of vacant property at the old lift station at the end of Porter Avenue. The abutting property owners are Roger Hess and Shirley Heinze Land Trust, and Hess has expressed interested in buying the property.

The Council will consider at its next meeting, April 24, a resolution presenting the required findings for the sale.

Barry also received approval to commission a study of the sanitary sewer systems from the Cardinal Court lift station to the treatment plant. Barry reported that there is property along that route that the Town is interested in selling, and the study will help determine what kind of updates are required to make the property useful for a high capacity user. The contract, with Haas & Associates, LLC, was approved to be paid for with $23,400 from the sewer fund.


Parks Director Brian Bugajski reminded those in attendance that the long-range plan for Porter parks is out for public comment until April 27. Comments will be taken by phone, by email, in person, or by mail. Some highlights of the plan are a look at increasing overflow parking at Hawthorne Park, upgrading signage in all parks, and increasing access to water features at Spring Lakes Park and the East Branch of the Little Calumet River. “The plan also establishes a dog park and increases accessibility and safety for all of our parks,” Bugajski said.

Public Works Supervisor Brenda Brueckheimer said her department will still host the roadway clean-up from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. Saturday, April 14, weather permitting. If there is more than an 80 percent chance of rain, the clean-up will be rescheduled for next Saturday, April 21. Anyone wishing to volunteer can call Public Works at (219) 926-4212.

Other Business

The Council voted unanimously to amend the 2018 salary ordinance on first reading. Council President Erik Wagner moved to suspend the rule of doing a second reading at a separate meeting so there would be no delay in compensation for Town employees and officers. The Council conducted the second reading as well and approved the ordinance.

Brueckheimer received permission to solicit quotes for a new Ford F-350 crane truck to replace the current sewer crane truck that is at the end of its life. The Council approved her request.



Posted 4/11/2018






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