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Porter Cove resident to council 'Town of Porter can do better

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Fundraising efforts to revamp Porter Cove’s Kids Cove park were still up for debate at the Town Council’s meeting Tuesday night.

Porter Cove resident Blake Lange came before the council again to comment on fundraising efforts for the defunct park. He distributed a new fundraising flyer following one to which the council suggested changes at an August meeting. Lange took members’ feedback into account for a new draft, which offers businesses publicity in press releases, social media postings, and physical signage at the park in exchange for support. It also encourages interested members of the community to donate $1 per day.

Lange also took a moment to comment on the success of the Perfect Pint: “All of the volunteers did a great job organizing and coordinating the event.”

“I enjoyed participating,” he added.

Lange then read a statement in response to Member Ross LeBleu’s comments, made at the end of the last meeting, in which LeBleu suggested that Lange get more boots on the ground and raise money through town events rather than asking for handouts. Lange began: “As Ross knows, I value him as a councilman and a fellow resident of Porter, but leadership is about making choices and tradeoffs.” Lange then went on to say that more open-mindedness and creativity from the council would make a big difference for the children who are the future of Porter. “The Town of Porter can do better, and the residents will do better, but the responsibility is ultimately on the town,” Lange stated.

President Greg Stinson came to LeBleu’s defense, saying that fundraising one event at a time only seems like an unrealistic solution because it takes so long. He also cautioned Lange, “I would say be careful what words you use.” Lange is said to have mentioned LeBleu and made use of the word “misappropriation” in a recent Facebook post relating to the Council’s decisions on Kids Cove.

“Saying ‘misappropriation’ is accusing us of a crime,” Stinson said. “You are coming to this council for help. You don’t want to accuse it of crimes.”

Lange was apologetic and said he would correct the errors in his post. He emphasized that his disappointment still stands although he regrets that his wording was improper.

“To see myself get accused of or be party to a group accused of engaging in criminal activity rubbed me the wrong way,” Stinson replied.

The council made no further comments regarding the fundraising flier. The Facebook post in question does not appear to be publicly viewable.


Posted 10/25/2017





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