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Porter BZA sets two public hearings

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The Porter Board of Zoning Appeals conducted two preliminary hearings at its meeting last week.

The Board began by reorganizing. Eric Kremke will stay President and Laura Madigan will be Vice-president.

In the first preliminary hearing, Richard Anderson on behalf of Indiana Land Trust asked the Board to set a public hearing to terminate written commitments attached to the property of the former Splash Down Dunes Waterpark at the northeast corner of U.S. 20 and Waverly Road. Anderson was given power of attorney over the property, which is still owned by the former operators of the Waterpark, White Stallion LLC.

The written commitments were made as part of variances to allow paintball and those related to a defunct drainage plan. The written commitments are irrelevant now since the property was rezoned from business to multi-family residential use and new developer Weiss Entities has developed its own plan to address long-standing drainage issues at the site, Anderson said. He said the written commitments and variances associated are all specific to the site’s former use as a waterpark.

Variances granted for the former Waterpark die with the removal of the structure, but written commitments stay with the property unless terminated in a public hearing, according to Board Attorney Laura Frost. The Board set the issue for public hearing at its next meeting, March 18.

In the second preliminary hearing, Maria Stamp requested two developmental standards variances for a beach cottage at 2929 Dudley Drive on behalf of the Frederick Deters Trust.

Stamp said she’s remodeling the property to increase the space that’s usable year-round at the cottage by enclosing a screened porch and an exterior staircase on the south side of the home. A small deck will remain as outdoor space.

Barry said the scope of the project has widened since the property was formerly granted a variance for a carport on the east side of the home, which triggered the need for a 10.8-foot setback variance on the south property line and a variance for remodel costs that exceed 20 percent of home value per year.

The Board set the request for public hearing at its next meeting, March 18.


Posted 2/28/2020




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