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Porter BZA sets case for public hearing

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The Porter Board of Zoning Appeals set one case for public hearing at its meeting last night.

The Board held a preliminary hearing where Daniel and Laura Susko expressed their intent to seek a developmental standards variance to construct a third accessory structure on their property at 703 Krieger Street. The proposed new structure is a 10-foot by 16-foot Yoder shed. The two existing structures are an attached three-car garage and a 28-foot by 36-foot pole barn.

Laura Susko reported that her husband Daniel Susko put up the pole barn to store a classic car, but it became cluttered by the equipment they use to maintain their property, including a tractor and cart, lawn mower, and wheelbarrow. The Suskos said the three-car garage is smaller than it seems, and they need the extra storage space of the new shed. The new shed will match the color and design of the pole barn, Laura Suskko said.

Building Commissioner Michael Barry recommended approval, saying, “The Suskos are probably some of the most conscientious residents we have in Town. They like their yard to be neat.”

The Board approved the case to move forward for a public hearing at the next meeting, August 15.

Dane Jackson, who had been planning to request a developmental standards variance to reduce minimum square footage requirements for his property at 6 Franklin Street, chose to withdraw his application at this time.


Posted 7/19/2018




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