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Porter approves another Beam Street pole barn

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Mark and Tracy Fischer won permission Wednesday from the Porter Board of Zoning Appeals to build a 40-foot by 64-foot pole barn thatís larger than their home at 1124 W. Beam St.

Vote was 4-1. Henry Huyser dissented saying the petitioners could build a 30-foot by 60-foot building under the ordinance, and no hardship was demonstrated requiring the larger size. Mark Fischer said he has a lot to store. ďI donít see how it could be any more injurious than any other (pole) building in the neighborhood.Ē

The couple had sought a second variance because they wanted to keep an existing 12-foot by 16-foot shed on the 0.75-acre lot. Attached garages are considered an accessory structure under Porterís zoning code, and only two such structures are allowed.

BZA member Ken Timm questioned why attached garages are treated that way. Town planner Jim Mandon said so anyone with a garage is treated the same.

BZA member Bill Sexton said other neighbors in the Beam Street area were required to deal with their sheds for an oversize pole barn; a compromise was struck that Fischer move and attach the shed and its 192 square feet to the pole barn for a total 2,752 square feet allowed.

Fischer said he did not plan to use the shed for any commercial purpose, but that was not made a condition of the approval. No one commented during a public hearing.

The BZA began with a preliminary hearing for Robin and Janet Scribailo, who seek a setback variance needed to build a 21-foot by 8-foot addition on the front of their 1555 Coleman St. home. An existing deck would be removed. The addition would improve curb appeal, expand the living room and create a separate entryway for energy efficiency, Robin Scribailo explained.

A public hearing was set for May 15.

At the Porter Plan Commission meeting, which began 45 minutes late due to the length of the BZA, the subdivision of a 1-acre lot into two approximately equal parcels at 401 Waverly Rd. was approved for Richard and Amy Collins. Tim Reisinger of Total Development Construction presented the petition.

No one commented during a public hearing; vote was 6-0 with member Elka Nelson absent. Lot access will be off Ackerman Drive, not Waverly. Mandon said the lots satisfy the requirements of the subdivision code.


Posted 4/18/2013