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New trail to Little Calumet River built at Hawthorne Park

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Anglers looking for a route down to the Little Calumet River can now take a newly constructed trail in Hawthorne Park.

Porter Park Director Brian Bugajski announced at the Town Council’s meeting Tuesday night that--with help from the Shirley Heinze Land Trust, on National Trail Day, June 1--two-thirds of a planned one-mile trail was cut and cleared. The trailhead can be accessed at the pedestrian bridge over the Little Calumet River on Waverly Road.

“It’s a nice little hike,” Bugajski said. “It’ll take you right to the river.”

Bugajski expressed his gratitude to Shirley Heinze for the assistance.

He also, in other matters, expressed his gratitude to the Porter Police, Fire, and Public Works departments for making the annual Summer Safety Fest at Hawthorne Park a huge success.

“It was one of the best crowds we’ve had in eight years,” Bugajski said. “It was perfect weather for the helicopter to land in the park. Everybody had a great time.”

Flag Poles

In other business, Fire Chief Jay Craig was pleased to report that the new flag poles “are up” in the memorial area to the west of the parking lot at the fire station.

The poles--erected as part of Sid Augustyn’s Eagle Scout project--number five and will fly the U.S. flag, the State of Indiana flag, the PFD’s flag, a POW flag, and the Armed Services flag.

Restoration and landscaping still need to be done--and funding for that work raised--but Craig is delighted that Augustyn has gotten the ball rolling. “I’m just excited the flags are up.”

The memorial area was started by Craig’s father, the late Lewis Craig Sr., some time ago but never finished.

Additional Appropriations

Meanwhile, members voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance authorizing two separate additional appropriations.

The first is in the amount of $50,000, moneys already approved and earmarked for the PFD’s new engine. The balance of the cost of the engine will be defrayed through a bond issue.

The second additional appropriation is in the amount of $5,000, a grant awarded by the Lake Michigan Coast Grant Fund, to be used to design an ADA-compliant walking path between the existing parking area and the southern shoreline at Indian Springs Park.

Porter Beach permits must be displayed

Warm weather, at long last, appears to have pushed out the rain, and summer has come to Porter Beach.

Which prompted Police Chief Jamie Spanier at Tuesday night’s meeting of the Town Council to remind folks with beach-parking permits: the permit does no good in your glove compartment or on your desk at home. If it’s not displayed in your vehicle’s window, you will get a ticket.

Spanier noted that he’s received complaints from permit-holders who neglected to display their permits while parking at Porter Beach. “But the permit isn’t valid if not properly affixed to the window,” he said.


Posted 6/12/2019




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