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LeBleu offers help to raise money for Porter Cove playground equipment

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Porter Town Council member Ross LeBleu said he would offer a helping hand to Porter Cove residents who are eager to help the Town raise money to install new equipment at Kids Cove Playground.

At the end of the Town Council’s meeting on Tuesday, LeBleu expressed his “disappointment” that nobody was out collecting donations for the playgrounds during the Family 4th Festival last week after Parks Department Director Brian Bugajski invited the residents to collect donations. LeBleu said he’s been a part of fundraising at previous festivals such as selling T-shirts or ice cream for example, which have been successful.

“I’m kind of disappointed that no one showed up and I didn’t understand why,” LeBleu said. “The family 4th fest is one of the most attended events at Hawthorne Park.”

Porter Cove resident Gus Brown came to the Council’s Feb. 28 meeting and challenged the Council to come up with ways to raise money for Kids Cove playground, complaining that there was no plan made to replace the aging equipment. Porter Cove is home to more than 20 percent of the Town’s population and the playground would be an asset to families that reside there, he said.

Brown subsequently met with Bugajski and Town Council members Bill Lopez and Erik Wagner, discussing fundraising efforts and programs, according to LeBleu.

LeBleu said that he would like to see if there is a way to get Brown and other Porter Cove residents involved with the upcoming Porter Perfect Pint festival this fall, suggesting that they can find items to donate for the silent auction “which raises a lot of money for the Parks Department every year.”

“If we can get them to help donate auction items. I will be more than willing to work with Porter Perfect Pint to raise money for Porter Cove for their park equipment,” said LeBleu. “All you have to do is ask for me to help and I will.”




Posted 7/12/2017





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