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Kids Cove Park to get new equipment

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After years of complaints from residents, the park in the Porter Cove subdivision, Kids Cove Park, is getting new equipment.

The Porter Town Council last night approved a quote from Landscape Structures for $53,209 to provide new equipment at Kids Cove. Parks Director Brian Bugajski reported the new playground will have a four-bay swingset, three slides, a spinning element, and a 34-foot overhead track/zipline element.

The Council approved Bugajski to start the next step: going out for bids for install and wood chip fall protection. Bugajski estimates that will run another $20,000 to $30,000. The Council will consider the quotes at its next meeting.

Bugajski released a request for proposals for new playground equipment at Kids Cove a few months ago. He said the 16 proposals returned showed a range of quality.

The Town rejected all those proposals last night, however, because of an error in the process. I recommended rejecting them because the way we went about soliciting them didnt follow State Code to the letter, Bugajski said.

Landscape Structures submitted one of the standout proposals from the group of 16 that had to be rejected, which led Bugajski to approach them through the Source Well purchasing co-op, a group that handles contracting and helps guarantee low prices for its municipal members.

Town Council Vice-president Bill Lopez, who represents the voting ward that contains Porter Cove, said hes excited to see the project finally come together. Lopez said Bugajski has done a lot of hard work on it and added, Id like to thank the residents that helped plan and select the equipment.

Porter residents Blake Lange and Corinne Peffers, who have been outspoken about the need for improvements to the Park, helped Bugajski review the equipment proposals using a points system.



Posted 8/28/2019




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