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Duplexes on Old Porter Road on agenda in Porter

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Carolyn Trepper wants to rezone 5 acres at the southwest corner of Old Porter Road and Mineral Springs Road in Porter from single-family to multi-family to develop Mineral Springs Depot, a duplex neighborhood that would parallel the CSX Railroad.

As now planned the project would have 13 buildings, all duplexes, built on the rectangular parcel located between the railroad and Old Porter Road.

Trepper’s rezoning request goes before the Porter Plan Commission for preliminary hearing Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. seeking a zone change from Residential-1 to Residential-3. A future public hearing would take place and a recommendation made to the Town Council for final action.

According to Trepper’s petition, there is no economic market or demand for single-family lots at her property so duplexes are more desirable on her marginal strip. If the rezoning request is approved, the project would return to the Plan Commission for platting.

In early 2008, 69 acres on the east side of Mineral Springs Road across from Trepper’s land was approved for 190 homes as the Trails of Porter subdivision in an area bounded by two railroads known as the Iron Triangle. B&R Development has not begun construction there but improvements to the Mineral Springs/Old Porter intersection were approved as part of The Trails.

The Porter Board of Zoning Appeals meets Wednesday at 6:30 p.m. to conduct a public hearing for Douglas Leicht, who wants to take down an existing 6 foot-tall wooden fence, erect a new one in its place but move it farther out giving him more yard space to enjoy at his 110 Wagner Rd. home.

Leight has been before the BZA at previous meetings clarifying his petition, his paperwork and last month amending his petition to move a portion of the new fence, if approved.



Posted 12/20/2011