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Cardinal Court replat approved in Porter; oversize Beam pole barn continued

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The Porter Plan Commission unanimously approved a request Wednesday to split 1.49 acres at 1140 Cardinal Ct. into two parcels.

Petitioners Anthony and Rosalie Gardner originally had four lots in an unrecorded subdivision, said their representative Bill Davies of Davies Surveying. He stated the new parcel created conforms to the requirements of the Porter zoning ordinance.

Town planner Jim Mandon said specifics of any proposed development on the site, which is zoned residential, would have to be laid out for review at the time a building permit is sought. A separate driveway will serve the new parcel, and no additional public utilities have to be installed.

No one commented during a required public hearing. Because the Gardnersí request is considered a minor subdivision, Davies requested both primary and secondary plat approval last night.

Prior to the Plan Commission, the townís Board of Zoning Appeals convened to conduct a preliminary hearing for Mark Fisher and Traci Hiatt, who did not attend. Their petition was continued until March 20 as a preliminary hearing again.

According to the application, the pair are seeking to build a 40-foot by 64-foot pole barn that at 2,560 square feet is larger than the 1,840 square-foot house at 1124 W. Beam St. The barnís size requires a variance and a second variance is needed because the new structure would be a third accessory building on the site.

Porterís zoning ordinance counts attached garages as an accessory structure. A shed also is located on the property.

Mandon said when the petitioners are present it can be determined whether any additional variances are needed prior to a public hearing on all requests being set.

Although in a Residential-1 district, variances previously have been granted on West Beam Street for oversize pole barns because of the size of the lots and the depth of their rear yards.

During their respective meetings both the Plan Commission and BZA adopted a rules change for future petitioners who now must submit proposed findings of fact with their zoning requests. Submitting such findings has been common practice for other zoning boards in the Duneland area.

Mandon said heíll update Porterís instruction packet for petitioners.

BZA president John Kremke said the findings form, which mirrors the language found in state law, will vary depending on the type of petition submitted. Kremke also said having to do the findings will help petitioners explain their request and be better prepared for public meetings.


Posted 2/21/2013