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6 Franklin rezone up for public hearing again

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The Porter Plan Commission decided at its meeting last night to hold a public hearing on a requested rezoning of 6 Franklin Street.

Dane Jackson, who last year was denied for a rezone of 6 Franklin and three vacant lots behind it fronting Rankin Street, is the petitioner.

At its last meeting, the Plan Commission opted to partially suspend its rule that a petitioner who has been denied a rezone must wait at least one year before requesting another for the same property. They did so on the condition that Jacksonís petition only pertains to 6 Franklin Street and the existing house on the property.

A factor in their decision was that Jackson has changed his plans for the land.

Previously, Jackson sought to convert the house into a duplex and build two fourplexes containing units as small as 480 square feet in a project proposed as affordable housing for seniors. The proposed new structures were a sticking point for Commission members and adjacent property owners when Jackson made his former petition.

Now, Jackson says he still wants to convert the house into a duplex but later hopes to build duplexes on the vacant lots.

The Commissionís vote last night was unanimous that they will hold a public hearing on the request at next monthís meeting. Jackson will request a change from single-family to multi-family residential use.

The public hearing will pertain only to rezoning 6 Franklin, and Jackson must wait the full year from when he was last denied to petition for a rezone of the three lots fronting Rankin.


Posted 2/21/2019




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