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West Indiana parking project begins with sidewalk work

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The soothing sounds of a jackhammer greeted motorists this morning at the intersection of South Calumet Road and West Indiana Ave., as Chesterton Street Department employee Scott Siewert went to town in preparation for the pouring of a new sidewalk extension, probably on Wednesday.

The idea of the extension, roughly fishhook-shaped: to widen the radius of motorists turning right onto westbound West Indiana Ave., and channel them into the one-way lane on the south side of the roadway.

As Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg explained, the sidewalk extension will prevent motorists from rear-ending vehicles parked in the new angled spaces on the north side of West Indiana Ave. “We don’t want anyone coming around the corner and hitting a parked car,” he said.

Schnadenberg reckons that he can get two to three angled spaces into the space just east of the utility pole. Inside the fishhook Schnadenberg is eyeing the placement of a bike rack and perhaps a flower planter.

Angled parking will be installed on the north side of West Indiana Ave. in both the 100 and the 300 blocks but not in front of Westchester Public Library. As part of the project, the Street Department will mill, re-pave, and stripe West Indiana Ave. from South Calumet Road to Fifth Street.



Posted 8/13/2019




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