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West Indiana Ave west of South Calumet closed

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West Indiana Ave. between South Calumet Road and South Fifth Street was closed this morning for re-paving.

Rieth-Riley Construction Company began milling at 7 a.m. Re-surfacing is scheduled to commence on Thursday. Striping--which will include the striping of angled parking spaces along the north side of West Indiana Ave. between South Calumet Road and Second Street; and between Third Street and Fourth Street--is set for Friday.

Angling the parking along West Indiana Ave. should add 12 spaces.

A curb extension--in the shape of a fish hook--was poured earlier this month. That extension will prevent motorists turning right from southbound South Calumet Road from broadsiding any vehicles angled-parked along West Indiana Ave.

Today patrons of the Westchester Public Library could park along Second Street as well as in WPL’s two lots, accessed from Third Street.

Street Commissioner John Schnadenberg told the Chesterton Tribune this morning that a crew will also mill and re-surface Sidewalk Road between Kelle Drive and Dickinson Road on Thursday and Friday of this week.




Posted 8/27/2018




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