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Val's lift station comes in well under contract price

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Turns out, the final cost of the Val’s Pizza lift station was quite a bit less than the bid price, and not hugely higher than the original estimate.

At its meeting Monday night, the Stormwater Management Board voted 3-0 to approve Change Order No. 2 for the project, which decreased the bid price of $205,888 by $57,193 or fully 28 percent. Change Order No. 1 had already deducted $1,130 from the bid price, bringing the final cost of the lift station to $147,565.

The original estimate had been in the neighborhood of $125,000.

The lift station--located in the flood-prone alley behind Val’s Famous Pizza & Grinders at Broadway and 11th Street, the lowest point in town--is now on line and in heavy rains will pump stormwater from the alley to a line on Lincoln Ave.

The general contractor for the project, Woodruff & Sons, worked with Town Engineer Mark O’Dell to shave the $205,888 bid price to a more manageable amount.

Under the same 3-0 vote, members also approved Change Order No. 1 for a different project, the installation of upsized concrete culverts in the Morningside subdivision. That change order increased the contract price of $107,000 by $8,149.25 or 8 percent.

O’Dell told the board that general contractor G.E. Marshall Inc. had run into a number of unexpected utility lines, including a water line which Indiana-American Water Company had failed to locate for crews.

11th Street Lift Station

In other business, members voted 3-0 to put a second stormwater lift station project out to bid, this one to drain a flood-prone alley in the area of 11th Street and West Porter Ave.

Lawson-Fisher Associates engineered the specs for the lift station at a contract price of $10,985.

Bids will be opened at the board’s next meeting, Nov. 18.

This lift station--like its sister lift station in the alley behind Val’s--will be paid for with funds from an $880,000 stormwater bond issued late in 2011.

2014 Budget

Meanwhile, the board voted 3-0 to approve the Stormwater Utility’s 2014 budget.

That budget is projecting total revenues of $438,000, almost entirely from the stormwater user fee assessed on the bimonthly sanitary sewer bills; total expenses of $424,100; and a year’s end surplus of $1,900.

Expenses include $225,000 for wages; $113,800 for pensions and benefits; $25,000 for MS4 public education; and $21,000 for material and supplies, among other things.

Kudos for Urschel Contractor

MS4 Operator Jennifer Gadzala took a moment to praise Tonn & Blank, the general contractor for the new Urschel Laboratories Inc. manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters at Coffee Creek Center, for getting out in front of MS4 construction site regulations.

Even before a foundation was poured for the building, Gadzala said, Tonn & Blank final-graded and hydroseeded the large detention pond on site. Both EPA and IDEM “encourage the stabilization of soils once major disturbance work has ceased,” she noted.

Tonn & Blank, Gadzala added, “is leading by example.”

“Thank you, Tonn & Blank and Urschel, for forward thinking and forward acting in taking care of the land out there,” President Thomas Kopko said.

September in Review

The Stormwater Utility ran a surplus in September of $6,957 and in the year-to-date is running a surplus of $12,237.


Posted 10/22/2013