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Two water main breaks cause pressure drop in homes Saturday

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Two water-main breaks in Chesterton caused water pressure to drop in some folks’ homes on

Saturday, Indiana-American Water Company (IAWC) said.

The larger of the two breaks, found early on Saturday, was in an eight-inch cast-iron main which traverses the bridge on North Calumet Road, IAWC spokesman Joe Loughmiller told the Chesterton Tribune today. Crews found the main corroded near the footing where it enters the ground. A significant amount of water was gushing from the rupture, Loughmiller said.

Crews opted to “valve off” the main, which is one of several feeds which serves the Chesterton area. Once it was taken out of the system, Loughmiller said, pressure returned to normal. A decision has not yet been made whether to repair or replace the main.

A second break, meanwhile, occurred in a main several hundred feet to the east of the water tower along I-80/94, discovered after tank levels began dropping late Friday night.

That break, once it was located, in a wooded area, was repaired fairly quickly, Loughmiller said.

Although the main breaks did cause water pressure to drop, it never fell below the threshold at which a boil advisory would have been issued, Loughmiller noted.

It’s conceivable--but not at all certain--that Saturday’s two breaks were related, he added. Sometimes a break in one place will cause “undulations of pressure” or a “water hammer” to occur somewhere else in the system, Loughmiller said.



Posted 12/3/2103