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Trick or treat Thursday expect rain carry a light

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The Chesterton Police Department wants to remind the Duneland Community of the following trick or treat hours: 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 31, in Chesterton, Porter, Burns Harbor, and unincorporated Porter County.

On behalf of all the communities and local PDs, the CPD is offering several safety tips for residents, motorists, parents, and children.

All motorists are being asked to drive carefully, slowly, and defensively. Be ready to act immediately and when driving in or through a congested area or neighborhood, please have patience.

Forecasted weather conditions indicate a strong possibility of rain on Thursday, so please plan accordingly. If you choose to wear rain coats, please wear bright colors or carry light colored umbrellas.

All trick-or-treaters are strongly encouraged to carry some sort of illumination. Wear brighter or lighter colored clothes or costumes or at least have a bright flashlight or the neon colored “glow” sticks. And consider wearing reflective tape on clothes or costumes.

Walk in groups and don’t run from house to house. Where possible, use the sidewalk. Look all ways before crossing any street or intersection and do not cross the street between parked cars. Do not wear costumes that interfere with your ability to see clearly. And carry a cell phone.

For kids of all ages, do not eat candy until you are home and you or your parents have had an opportunity to inspect it.

Only approach homes that have exterior or porch lights on. If the interior lights are on but there are no illuminated exterior lights, pass on.

And anyone who observes or experiences any suspicious or concerning activity should call the Chesterton Police Department at (219) 926-1136. In the case of an emergency, dial 911 and make sure you know your location.

All police departments will be out in force during and after trick-or-treat hours.



Posted 10/29/2013